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         Why Major in History?

      Because History majors get jobs! 

                          History Major Salaries and STEM Major Salaries Compared
                                     What Can I Do With a History Major?
                                        History is a USEFUL Major!


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Hello students, and welcome! If you have any questions regarding
anything, anything you would usually go into the department
office to ask, please contact us both!:


We're on the clock every day, just like we'd be in the office!
We will try to respond to your emails as soon as possible.

Got an advising question? Contact our advisors!

Alberto.Garcia@sjsu.edu (undergrads)
Libra.Hilde@sjsu.edu (grads)

Why Not Take a Winter Course?

The History Department is offering the following courses, which begin on Jan. 4th!

HIST 15(1) Section 10002, 3 Units, Chopra
HIST 170S(1) Section 10003, 3 Units, Chilton
HIST 185(1) Section 10004, 3 Units, Rouse

All courses will be held online. To find out when you need to enroll, sign up
here to receive email notifications about Winter Session.