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Do you want to change your world?

Consider a career as a social science teacher!

Majoring in Social Science Teacher Preparation (SSTP) will equip you with the skills you need to be a transformative educator committed to a social justice approach to education. Secondary social science teachers typically teach courses in United States history, world history, economics, government, geography, or ethnic studies. Students who major in SSTP gain the content knowledge and historical thinking skills they need to be expert educators in their field. SSTP majors also learn the pedagogical skills to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment that will ignite a love of learning in their students. 

The SSTP program is a California Commission on Teacher Preparation (CCTC) approved program. SSTP majors, therefore, earn a waiver from taking the Social Science CSET.

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Why study history? What is the purpose of social science education?

History provides us with an opportunity to see ourselves as part of a larger community and as part of the longer continuum of human existence. It can serve as a mirror allowing us to better understand ourselves. It can also serve as a window, allowing us to see the experiences of other people. It can help us develop empathy for people who came before us and for people that we live side by side with in the present day. The goal of social science education is to help us to connect our past to our present and to help us better understand our world so that we can live more fulfilling lives and create a better future for the people who will follow after us. 


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