Jewish Studies Minor

In the Jewish Studies Program, offered by the Department of History, students learn about Jewish ethnicity, history, literature, languages, ethics, religion, and music, exploring the diverse experiences and challenges of Jews in the United States and across the Jewish diaspora, including Israel and the wider Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. The program encourages awareness of minority perspectives, critical and interdisciplinary thinking, and exploration of cross-cultural relations.

As is true with any good learning, the minor seeks to enable students to make the leap from knowledge to commitment and action. To that end, the program encourages students to engage in deeper Jewish-focused research and/or service-oriented fieldwork.

The interdisciplinary minor includes courses offered by departments within the College of Humanities and the Arts and the College of Social Sciences, and helps to prepare students for graduate education (in history, English, international relations, religious studies, philosophy, world languages, etc.), as well as professional training and careers (teaching, law, public sector service and advocacy, foreign service and diplomacy, museums, religious organizations, creative fields, etc.).

Scholarships are awarded each semester to outstanding students enrolled in the Jewish studies minor program.

To learn more please visit our Jewish Studies website.