Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students (1290R)

University Policy for Required Continuous Enrollment

Continuous enrollment is required of all graduate students between completion of regular courses and satisfactory completion of the culminating experience. Enrollment must be maintained in each Fall and Spring semester until degree completion. Graduate students may maintain enrollment by registering for a 1-unit 1290R course or by registering for other courses. 

Please note that departments may require repeated enrollment in a project, thesis, or comprehensive exam-preparation class. Consult with your graduate advisor for additional instruction to successfully maintain continuous enrollment.


1290R Course Registration

Eligible graduate students will be notified by the Registrar’s Office after the Add Deadline for the given semester.

Students will be assigned a Special Session appointment for the 1290R course and they may then register online through their MySJSU portal. No permission or add code is necessary to register for the 1290R course.

As the course is supervisory in nature, there are no formal meetings for the 1290R course. The enrollment allows students to maintain an active status (utilizing campus resources) while completing their culminating experience. Students are encouraged to register as soon as the MySJSU appointment is available; however, registration for 1290R must occur prior to the last day of course instruction for the given term. 

Note for International Students: To maintain their immigration status, international students are encouraged to add the course as soon as their appointments are available and within 30 days.


Retroactive 1290R Enrollment Request

Continuous enrollment is a university graduation requirement. Therefore, failure to register for this unit will result in a hold on graduation until the 1290R unit is retroactively added in each Fall and Spring term lacking required enrollment. At that time, late fees will apply.

To retroactively add a 1290R course, the student is required to complete an online Request for Retroactive Enrollment in 1290R, available at the Registrar's website and payment of associated tuition and fees.

1290R Retroactive Request Form