Previous Recipients Outstanding Thesis Award

Recipient Thesis Title Department Academic Year

Daniel Van Hook

Examining Communibiology During Adrenal Stress Scenario Training in Feminist Self-Defense: An Experimental Study Communication Studies 2022-2023
Jesse Waco Evidence of Active Reverse Faulting and a Left-Stepping San Andreas Fault (Mission
Creek Strand) in the Eastern San Bernardino, Southern California
Geology 2021-2022
Grace Shefcik Assessment of Non-binary Individuals’ Self-perception of Voice Communicative Disorders and Sciences 2020-2021
Jeffrey Greger The Sillicon Valley Approach to Poverty's Humanitarian Designers at Work in Financial Inclusion Applied Anthropology   2019-2020
Carrie Lynn Bowers The Diablo Winds of Northern California: Climatology and Numerical Simulations Meteorology 2018-2019
Emily Moffitt Using Stable Isotope Analysis to Infer Breeding Latitude and Migratory Timing of Juvinile Pacific-slope Flycatchers (Empidonax Difficilis) Environmental Studies 2017-2018
Mary Okin 'New Man’ Feminism: Arthur F. Mathews at the San Francisco School of Design, 1890-1896 Art History and Visual Culture 2016-2017
Paul Zimmer Glacial Modification of Bedrock Valleys in the Sierra Nevada, California, Using a Novel Approach Geology 2016-2017
Amanda Feldman From Trauma to Trial: Proposing New Methods for Examining the Variability of Sharp Force Trauma on Bone Applied Anthropology 2015-2016
Sarah Aghazadeh Public Diplomacy for a Global World: The United States and Iran Interdisciplinary Studies 2014-2015
Chris Keith The Excavation and Analysis of Prehistoric Caribbean Remains: A Bioarchaeological Case Study from Nevis, West Indies Applied Anthropology 2014-2015
Danielle Crawford A Girlhood of Myth, Dreams, and Trauma: Redefining the Asian North American Female Bildungsroman English and Comparative Literature 2013-2014
Karen Parker  Metabolic Network Construction Based on the Genome of the Marine Diatom Thalassiosira Pseudonana and the Analysis of Genome-Wide Transcriptome Data to Investigate Triacylglyceride Accumulation MLML  2013-2014
Sarah Swift  Low-tech, Eye-Movement-Accessible AAC and Typical Adults Communicative Disorders and Sciences 2012-2013
Shruthi Thirumalai  Opto-acoustic Interrogation and Ultrasound Imaging of Acoustically Sensitive Microcapsules General Engineering  2012-2013 
John Tilney Containing Obscenity:  The Gathings Committee, Moral Crusades, and Paperback Books  SLIS  2011-2012 
Danielle Frechette Impacts of Avian Predation on Juvenile Salmonids in Central California Watersheds  MLML 2010-2011 
Hector Nuño Functionalized Silica Nanostructures for Biosensing Applications Chemical Engineering  2010-2011 
Nancy Shostak Intensity of the 1906 Earthquake in and near San José, California Geology  2009-2010 
Robin Putney Customary Marine Tenure and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Palau  Environmental Studies 2008-2009
Jennifer Putney  Ecological Consequences of Morphological Variability in a Habitat-Forming Alga  MLML  2008-2009