Interdisciplinary Studies MA/MS

Graduate Programs in Interdisciplinary Studies

The College of Graduate Studies is pleased to offer an Advanced Communication(s) and Research Methods Certificate and an Interdisciplinary Studies MA/MS degree. Both programs provide a high degree of flexibility for students to explore their own academic program interests to meet their professional goals.

Interdisciplinary Studies MA/MS (30 units):

The Interdisciplinary Studies Master’s degree provides an alternative for students whose desired study plans do not fit the Master’s degree offerings of any single existing graduate degree program offered on campus.

An interdisciplinary studies major consists of an individualized, interdisciplinary program of 30 units, at least half of which must be at the graduate level. The culminating experience requirement may be fulfilled by completion of either a Plan A (thesis), Plan B (project), or Plan C (creative project). All candidates for this major must register for departmental 299 thesis units (Plan A or Plan C) or departmental 298 units (Plan B). The candidate must comply with all applicable California Administrative Code requirements as well as university requirements outlined in the SJSU catalog for admission to the graduate program, admission to candidacy, maintaining both continuous enrollment and good academic standing, and award of the degree. The University also requires that students satisfy the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).

Graduate students at San José State University who wish to undertake an interdisciplinary studies major should first contact potential advisors to discuss a plan of study and culminating experience. The "Information and Application for Interdisciplinary Studies Majors" form [pdf] [pdf] should then be reviewed, completed, and then signed by both the student and faculty advisor. The application is then reviewed by Interdisciplinary Program Advisor, Dr. Ted Butryn, who if the application is approved, will notify GAPE to allow admission into the program as either a conditional or fully classified student.  

For more information please email Dr. Ted Butryn at