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The Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) program provides undergraduate students an accelerated path towards a graduate degree. SAGE scholars will pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree simultaneously by allowing scholars to earn graduate credit during their undergraduate career. Additionally, SAGE scholars will have the added benefits of 1) reducing the number of semesters required to earn a master’s degree, 2) paying undergraduate fees for some graduate-level courses, 3) a seamless application process when applying to the graduate career, and 4) working with a research mentor earlier in a program of study. 

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  • Students must successfully complete a minimum of 60 undergraduate degree applicable units and not more than 120 undergraduate degree applicable units at the time of admission into the SAGE program.
  • Students must be enrolled in or have completed the undergraduate Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (usually 100W) prior to admission into the SAGE program.
  • Students must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of admission into the SAGE program. There may be SAGE programs that require a higher GPA admission standard.

Note: Students must have completed all lower division courses (designated as 001-099) BEFORE transitioning into the SAGE graduate degree objective status.

Current SAGE Programs 

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Application Information

Interested students should first determine their eligibility for a given SAGE program in consultation with a SAGE Program Coordinator. Complete the SAGE Program Application with your coordinator who will forward you application for processing and approval to the Office of the Registrar (for Step 1) or GAPE (for Step 2). Keep in mind two important points:

  1. You must meet with your advisor every semester to review and complete the SAGE Academic Career Planner
  2. The semester before you reach 120 degree eligible units, you must file a second application to ensure that you will be transferred into the graduate career the following semester.

Documents for Viewing or Download 

SAGE Program Application 

SAGE Program Academic Career Planner 

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View the SAGE Brochure [pdf]

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