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SJSU and CSU Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research, the Center for Faculty Development, the SJSU Research Foundation, and the SJSU Tower Foundation collaborate together to offer a variety of programs and resources designed to assist students and faculty in honing their research interests. The SJSU Division of Research and Innovation has a complete listing of research funding opportunities.

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SJSU Research Foundation

The SJSU Research Foundation website is an excellent resource for exploring funding opportunities for your graduate student research project.

Award Funds for Research-Related Travel/Virtual Travel

The College of Graduate Studies offers funding for research-related travel/virtual travel in the United States and abroad which may be used for travel/virtual travel that is directly related to a student’s thesis or dissertation research. Awards are given up to $500 for a virtual event. Maximum awards are provided up to $1,500 and $2,000 for domestic and international travel, respectively. Funds may be used to:

  1. Consult primary sources from library or museum archives

  2. Gather qualitative and/or quantitative data for a given region’s culture, politics, or practices in a selected discipline

  3. Work with local scholars

  4. Collect field samples

  5. Allow access to work with highly sophisticated technology such as telescopes

Students can access more information and apply for a Graduate Student Virtual Event "Travel" Award by visiting this site. Please contact the College of Graduate Studies ( if you have further questions.