Current Students

People attending Networking Begins Now event in 2020
Students, faculty, staff, and guests participated in our "Networking Begins Now" event, which was held in March 2020.

Events for Graduate Students

The SJSU College of Graduate Studies offers a variety of networking and professional development events throughout the year. At this time all of our events are virtual, but we look forward to having in-person events when the time is right.

Explore Events for Graduate Students

Newly-Admitted Students

Resources and information to help you prepare for your graduate education experience at SJSU.

Graduate Advisors

Find out the name of your graduate advisor and associated GAPE evaluator.

Steps to Graduation

Become familiar with the steps and processes involved in the road to graduation.


Learn about policies affecting graduate students at SJSU.

Graduate Student Handbook

The graduate student handbook is an easy-to-use resource for current and new graduate students at SJSU.


View a complete listing of student forms.

Thesis and Dissertation Information

Access detailed information on the thesis and dissertation approval and writing process.

Resources for International Students

Explore the programs, offices and other resources pertaining to international student success at SJSU. 

Teaching Associate (TA) Training

Gather useful information about TA training at SJSU.