Students may enter college with a specific major in mind, but no matter what they will call themselves professionally, everyone needs some of the same skills to function effectively in the world.

Employers will expect you to solve problems and make good decisions using complex information, to act ethically, to contribute to a team of diverse people, and to communicate your ideas effectively in writing and in speech.

You are also becoming a citizen of our diverse democracy and of the world. Fellow citizens in each community for which you are a member will expect you to contribute productively to society and to make responsible decisions.

San José State’s General Education Program is designed to:

  1. Equip students with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions they need to pursue meaningful careers
  2. Be active members of their communities
  3. Develop habits of lifelong learning

The program uses a multidisciplinary approach to encourage ongoing and self-motivated learning and to inform student creativity, reasoning, decision-making, expression, and responsible action. Explore these webpages to learn more about our program goals, essential program and area learning outcomes, how the program develops educated persons, and testimonials.