Program Expectations

What is Conditional Admission Like for Students?


The Conditional Admission / Eligibility program allows you to begin studying on campus at San Jose State University while you try to achieve a minimum TOEFL or IELTS score. Although you are not yet an official SJSU student, you will experience campus life just like a regular student and use all the facilities and resources, such as the cafeteria, library, fitness center, and more. Conditional admission is the first part of this new journey ahead of you, (check here), and below is what to expect as a student in the Conditional Admission / Eligibility program:


  1. Apply and be accepted for conditional admission
    • The conditional admission application fee is $110
  2. Register and enroll for English language classes at International Gateways
    • The International Gateways application fee is $150
    • The tuition is $3590 (9 week term) or $5790 (17 week term)
    • Experience American-style lectures and learn academic English skills
    • Participate in field trips and student activities with other international students
    • Enjoy using campus resources available to all SJSU students
  3. Improve your English and obtain a minimum TOEFL / IELTS score
    • Take a scheduled TOEFL pBT up to 4 times per year at International Gateways
    • Check your major department for the most updated test score requirements
  4. Submit a Cal State Apply application to your degree program
    • The San Jose State University application fee is $70
    • Get help completing the application from our advisors
    • Ask for your transcripts / certificates to be transferred to SJSU