A group of Meteorology and Climate Science Students on the Duncan Hall rooftop observatory

NSF Grant to Accelerate Wildfire Research at SJSU

“This is going to be transformative for our faculty and students in terms of what we can accomplish,” said Clements. “And the members will benefit because they will get access to research results before anyone else. Our students will get to interact with industry and government members, and members get to interact with our talent pool.”

Kate Forrest Grad Slam

Congrats Kate Forrest for winning the 2022 SJSU Grad Slam!

SJSU’s Grad Slam is a three-minute thesis competition (also known as 3MT) that challenges participants to present their research with one slide in only three minutes in an engaging way to a non-specialist audience. 2022's Grad Slam was won by WIRC's gradiate student Kate Forrest for her presentation on fire tornadoes. Congrats Kate!

Atmospheric Scientists, Including Meteorologists Pay.

2020 Median Pay 

In 2020, the median pay for all meteorologists was $99,740 per year. 

Job Outlook

Employment of meteorologists is projected to grow 6 percent from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations.
Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook

Examples of areas in which meteorologists work include private forecasting companies, National Weather Service, universities, energy companies, government labs and in media.

Work Environment

Meteorologists work in a variety of settings; including offices, laboratories, and universities.  Occasionally, they work in the field where they install, monitor and calibrate meteorological instruments. Some meteorologists work extended hours, particularly during weather emergencies.
Many, if not most, meteorologists work with computer code of some sort to perform data analysis and interpretation.

Did you know that....

Holt Hanley

Using YouTube to Make Meteorology Dreams a Reality

Holt Hanley, a graduate student in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at SJSU, began to release weather analysis videos on YouTube long before grad school simply to practice his broadcast technique. His practice paid off when a feature article in a local paper pointed readers to his channel for the most understandable fire weather analysis the reporter had found. Holt now delivers his critical information to thousands of Bay Area subscribers who appreciate his well practiced delivery of critical weather and fire danger news.

Update: look who's doing Salinas weather on the news this summer!

Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center
Silicon Business Journal recognizes the WIRC

Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center

The ground breaking, multi-disciplinary collaboration of faculty from different scientific specialties is an exciting new development in the ongoing search for better ways to understand and manage wildfires.

The Claude E. and Alberta D. Walker Endowment for Meteorology

In order to provide resources for the advancement of the educational mission of San Jose State University, the Claude E. & Alberta D. Walker Estate established a fund to provide scholarships to students. Claude and "Dora" Walker were long-time California residents with a profound appreciation and respect for higher education. They were inspired to visit SJSU in 1998 by a radio program on meteorology, and chose SJSU based on its reputation. Beginning in July, 2009 the endowment proceeds will be used to fund scholarships for needy graduate and undergraduate students in Meteorology in the College of Science. The Department offers The Claude E. & Alberta D. Walker Scholarships to incoming graduate students for their first year of study. The amount offered ranges up to $5000, and depends upon GPA (3.0 and above), GRE scores and financial needs.

MetCS Door Sign

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The department spans the top three floors of the Duncan Hall Science Building at 5th and San Salvador. The office is located on the 6th floor rm 620.

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