Student Spotlight


Spartan Spotlight - Cleaning Up California

Featured in the newest edition of Washington Square The Magazine, Climate Science student Edgar McGregor is making the world a tidier place, one piece of trash at a time.

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Kate Forrest Grand Slam

Congrats Kate Forrest for winning the 2022 SJSU Grad Slam!

SJSU’s Grad Slam is a three-minute thesis competition (also known as 3MT) that challenges participants to present their research with one slide in only three minutes in an engaging way to a non-specialist audience. 2022's Grad Slam was won by WIRC's graduate student Kate Forrest for her presentation on fire tornadoes. Congrats Kate!

Holt Hanley

Using YouTube to Make Meteorology Dreams a Reality

Holt Hanley, a graduate student in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at SJSU, began to release weather analysis videos on YouTube long before grad school simply to practice his broadcast technique. His practice paid off when a feature article in a local paper pointed readers to his channel for the most understandable fire weather analysis the reporter had found. Holt now delivers his critical information to thousands of Bay Area subscribers who appreciate his well practiced delivery of critical weather and fire danger news.

Update: Look who's doing Salinas weather on the news this summer!