Meteorology, MS


The Master of Science in Meteorology prepares students for high-level professional responsibility, independent research, and continued graduate work in atmospheric science. Graduate-level theoretical and applied meteorology courses and a substantial research project lead to the preparation of the master's thesis, the culmination of the degree plan of study. Departmental opportunities for financial support include research and teaching assistantships.

The Department of Meteorology and Climate Science has one of the most active research programs at SJSU. The meteorology faculty has a wide range of expertise and supports a broad range of research activity. Their areas of specialization include Weather Analysis and Forecasting, Fire Weather, Urban Meteorology and Air Pollution, Atmospheres of Other Planets, Tropical Meteorology, Radar and Satellite Remote Sensing, Cloud and Aerosol Physics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Meteorological Data Processing, Data Communications, and Data Acquisition and Display.

Our graduates find employment in forecasting, research, consulting and media, and continue for the Ph.D. degree at top universities throughout the country. Department alumni include top scientists and forecasters in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Weather Service (NWS), the United States Air Force and Navy, NASA, various state and federal air pollution agencies, the aerospace industry, and aviation operations. Others of our alumni are university professors, high school and community college teachers, TV forecasters, meteorologists in the wind power, electric, gas and oil industries, science writers, and consultants for legal cases, air pollution problems and building design.

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