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Minghui Diao

Congratulations to Dr. Minghui Diao, recipient of the College of Science Dean's Scholar Award!

WIRC truck

WIRC Team Takes Their Wildfire Knowledge Abroad to Greece

Craig Clements, professor of meteorology and climate science, director of San José State University’s Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center (WIRC), and department chair and the WIRC team recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the National Observatory of Athens allowing WIRC to share research and technologies with Greece.

SJSU NewsCenter

Rob Mayeda Emmy Pic

Congratulations to Rob Mayeda!

Congratulations to NBC Bay Area KNTV Meteorologist & Graphics Producer and part-time SJSU MetCS Lecturer Rob Mayeda, recipient of the Northern California Emmy Talent-Anchor-Weather Award!

NBC Bay Area / KNTV Press Release

WSQ Magazine Francis banner

WASHINGTON SQUARE The Magazine - Climate Science: On Thin Ice

SJSU Alumna '88 Meteorology and Climate Scientist Dr. Jennifer Francis is featured in the new issue of WASHINGTON SQUARE The Magazine. (Top photo of Jennifer Francis: National Academy of Sciences. Illustration by Jennifer Guo, '24 Animation/Illustration)

WSQ Magazine banner

WASHINGTON SQUARE The Magazine - The Key is in the Clouds

MetCS Associate Professor Dr. Minghui Diao is featured in the new issue of the WASHINGTON SQUARE The Magazine. (Top photo: Robert C. Bain. Illustration by Jennifer Guo, '24 Animation/Illustration)

WSQ Magazine Kate banner photo

WASHINGTON SQUARE The Magazine - Forrest Fire

Kate Forrest '23 MS Meteorology is featured in the new issue of WASHINGTON SQUARE The Magazine. (Photo: Anwyn Hurxthal)

Congratulations to MetCS Alum Sam Liner and MetCS Lecturer Ju-Mee Ryoo whose work was recently featured in NASA's Spotlight News.

NASA Spotlight News

AMS conference pic

MetCS Department Chair Dr. Clements and seniors Josue Chamberlain and Enrique Salvadar at the 2023 AMS Annual Conference.

Highlights from the 2023 Annual AMS Conference

Congratulations Fall 2022 MetCS Graduates!

qalan huston pic

Alan Huston, MS, Meteorology

jacob davison

Jacob Davison, BS, Climate Science

kchase grad

Kelsey Chase, BS, Meteorology and Climate Science

WIRC Group pic

SJSU Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center (WIRC) receives a Community Funding Award

Congratulations to the SJSU Wildlife Interdisciplinary Research Center (WIRC), recipient of a Community Project Funding award in the amount of $1.15 million dollars for their efforts to improve the environment and address the impacts of climate change.

NSF pic

NSF Grant to Accelerate Wildfire Research at SJSU

“This is going to be transformative for our faculty and students in terms of what we can accomplish,” said Clements. “And the members will benefit because they will get access to research results before anyone else. Our students will get to interact with industry and government members, and members get to interact with our talent pool.”

SV Business Journal pic
Silicon Valley Business Journal recognizes the WIRC

Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center

The ground breaking, multi-disciplinary collaboration of faculty from different scientific specialties is an exciting new development in the ongoing search for better ways to understand and manage wildfires.

Congratulations to Meteorology and Climate Science lecturer faculty member Alicia Mullens, recipient of the College of Science Award for Teaching Excellence!

SenFeinstein visit
Pictured second from the left, Dr. Miri VanHoven, Acting Dean, College of Science. Pictured second from the right, Interim President SJSU, Dr. Steve Perez and far right, MetCS Department Chair, Dr. Craig Clements. Picture courtesy of SJSU Interim President Steve Perez Twitter.

Department of Meteorology and Climate Science Chair, Dr. Craig Clements hosted Senator Feinstein staffers from Washington DC and San Francisco on a tour of the new Interdisciplinary Science Building. Senator Feinstein is a valuable ally supporting the Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center.

washington square the magazine

WASHINGTON SQUARE The Magazine - The Next Firefighting Tool

This is the second piece in a two-part series in Washington Square Magazine examining San José State University’s interdisciplinary approach to wildfire research.

washington square magazine pic

WASHINGTON SQUARE The Magazine - Fighting Fire with Fire

This is the first of a two-part series in Washington Square Magazine examining the interdisciplinary approach to wildfire research at San José State University.

A warm welcome to the new Department Chair of Meteorology and Climate Science, Dr. Craig Clements.

A warm welcome to Meteorology and Climate Science's new Interim Chair, Dr. Elly Walsh.

Congratulations to Henry Bartholomew!

Henry has been recognized by SJSU students for excellence in teaching and student support in the Fall 2020 semester. In a survey circulated by Peer Connections to SJSU students, Henry was named as an innovative and student-centered teacher.