Program Features

Master Practical Skills

The Department of Applied Data Science is an academic hub, in partnership with other SJSU departments and industry partners, for promoting education and research in applied data science. In order to address the immense demand for data science and artificial intelligence professionals, the department launched an MS in Data Analytics program with two specializations in data engineering and analytics technologies.

This program provides students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds with the advanced education necessary to draw insights from real data and apply analytical skills to solve real-world problems. This program will prepare students to conduct high-volume data management, predictive analytics, data visualization, and generative AI models to solve real problems in their specialized career domains.

Your Career Opportunities

With a Master of Science in Data Analytics degree from San José State University, you will be ready for this newly emerging field. You will utilize data and analytical models to inform both domain-specific and business decisions. You will also leverage data analysis and modeling techniques to solve problems and gain insight across functional domains. Imagine an exciting career as a Data Analyst, Data Engineer, AI Engineer, Data Scientist, Operations Analyst, Data Mining Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Financial Analyst, Geographer/GIS specialist, Compensation/Benefits Analyst, or Chief Information Officer.

Students who are interested can connect with Silicon Valley experts and work on real-world projects. Students may also have the opportunity to seek internships by connecting with Silicon Valley companies.

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