Advising: Get Advising

SJSU SUMMER 2022 Psychology major/minor advising appointments start June 1, end Aug 10 (Dr. Mark Van Selst only)

Separate advising arrangements are provided for the undergraduate and graduate programs. For undergraduate programs, the department offering the major or minor is responsible for advising for that program.

Many Psychology students benefit from contact with other (non-advisor) psychology faculty whose area of expertise matches their own interests. These people are often useful sources of information, provide important mentoring, and can provide informal career guidance.

Advising: How to Get Help

  • Students may email their questions, come to a drop-in session (in-person or zoom), or sign up for an appointment (in-person or zoom). See below for details on each option.

Dr. Mark Van Selst (also special cases)


  • An advisor may refer students in some circumstances to Dr. Van Selst.
  • All advisors cover advising in the majors and minors. Some advisors may also be especially knowledgeable in certain areas (see above).
  • All paperwork will be done electronically (Docusign)


  • Using will send your question to every member of the advising team. Your provisional advisor (assigned based on your last name) will answer your email.
    If you wish to correspond with someone other than your default advisor, put their name in the subject line — e.g., Subject: Dr. Cravalho – [topic of email].
  • Please be aware that emails will generally be answered during regular business hours (M – F, 9 – 5) and/or during advising times.  Periods of high demand may yield delays. If you have not received a reply in about 3-5 days, it is appropriate to send a polite follow-up inquiry.

Schedule an Appointment: Spartan Connect

To make an appointment, click on the Spartan Connect link. 

See Spartan Connect Quick Start – Student Self-Service Appointments if you need help with scheduling an appointment.

If you are unable to make an appointment through the link above, please contact us at