SAVI Workshops

2022 Workshops

Spatial Analytics & Visualization Lab Workshops; Fall 2022

The Spatial Analytics and Visualization Institute (SAVI) is delighted to launch the Fall 2022 spatial analytics and visualization workshop series. SAVI lab workshops in November offer professionals and students the opportunity to learn innovative and hands-on skill sets in 3-hour lab sessions with expert instructors from private industry and higher education. Our expert instructors are here to share their depth of knowledge and experience to the opportunity for learning innovative and hands-on skill sets. 

2024 Workshops

Step into the forefront of democracy at the Data and Democracy Workshops this August 2024! Explore how Python, R, and Opensource GIS skills can revolutionize the electoral process by leveraging data. In today's data-driven world, informed decisions are vital for fostering voter turnout and strengthening democracy. Join us for six dynamic sessions led by expert instructors, where you'll unlock the power of data analysis and visualization. From Python and R to Opensource GIS tools, learn to harness data to drive meaningful change in electoral processes. But it doesn't stop there—discover advanced techniques like Network Analysis and Image Processing to ensure strategic location decisions for election centers and ballot drop-off points. Understanding location suitability is crucial for inclusivity and accessibility in the electoral process. Moreover, election practitioners face the challenge of handling nested queues efficiently, while navigating scarce resources. Dive into queuing theory concepts and learn how Python and Pandas can alleviate overwhelm and optimize resource allocation.

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