SAVi Idea Lab

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What is Idea Lab?

If you have an interesting idea that is too small to publish as a full peer-reviewed paper but worth sharing, check out our SAVi Idealab! SAVi Idealab provides an open forum for theories, technological or geographic mathematical frameworks, and applications of Spatial Analytics and Visualization. We invite the submissions from diverse fields such as geographic information science/systems, remote sensing, urban and regional planning, geography, cartography, and environmental modeling, geographic artificial intelligence, and similar fields. Word limit is approximately

Topics Included

Theory and technology in Geography

Geo-Visualization and Representation

Geospatial Data Analysis 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Theory and Applications of Spatial Relations and Spatial Statistics

Landscape Design and Urban Planning 

UAV/Drone Mapping and Aerial Remote Sensing 

Disaster Response and Mitigation 

Participatory GIS and Citizen Science 

Geography Education and K-12 Education

Economic and Mobility Spatial Analysis 

Mapping and Urban Design 

GIS and Public Policy 

Spatial Analysis and Technologies for Public Health