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Map showing high-tech zones and sectoral typology of California

The Geography and Sectoral Typology of the U.S. High tech Zones

This web map tool provides a snapshot on the location and sectoral typology of the high-tech zones in the U.S. at the most granular level.

Picture showing Internet Access Map of California Assembly district

Internet Access Map - CA Assembly District 30

This project assessed and visualized broadband availability vis-a-vis the location of those who are in need of broadband access in the Assembly District (AD) 30 communities. 

Map showing crime prediction in Cincinnati

A spatio-temporal method for crime prediction

A spatio-temporal method for crime prediction using historical crime data and transitional zones identified from nightlight imagery. International Journal of Geographical Information Science.


Spatio-temporal Cokriging method for blending and downscaling multi-scale remote sensing data. Remote Sensing of Environment.

Yang, B., Liu, H., Kang, E., Shu, S., Xu, M., Wu, B., Beck, R., Hinkel, K., & Yu, B., (2021) 

Developing an Introductory UAV/Drone Mapping Training Program for Seagrass Monitoring and Research. Drones (Journal Cover Story

Yang, B.; Hawthorne, T.L.; Hessing-Lewis, M.; Duffy, E.J.; Reshitnyk, L.Y.; Feinman, M.; Searson, H. (2020) 

Siting Santa Cruz County Ballot Dropoff Boxes using GIS

Rohrmeier, K. and Heher, J. (2021)

Comparing Twitter and LODES Data for Detecting Commuter Mobility Patterns

Albrecht, J., Petutschnig, A., Ramasubramanian, L., Resch, B., & Wright, A. (2021)

Commuter Mobility Patterns in Social Media

Petutschnig A, Albrecht J, Resch B, Ramasubramanian L, and A Wright (2022)

The Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge 

Hamerlinck, J. and Ramasubramanian, L. (2021)

Opportunities and challenges of geospatial analysis for promoting urban livability in the era of big data and machine learning

Kovacs-Györi, A, Ristea, A, Havas, C, Mehaffy, M, Hochmair, H, Resch, B, Juhasz, L, Lehner, A, Ramasubramanian, L, and T Blaschke (2020)