The Louie Barozzi Scholarship

The Louie Barozzi Scholarship honors the memory of Louie Barozzi and his contributions to San Jose State University and the field of International Education.

Louie joined San Jose State in 1968 as adviser to student organizations, a position he held for 11 years. He then became academic adviser and counselor to students, specializing in assisting international students. He served 10 years as the first director of International Programs and Services, which he was instrumental in creating.  

Louie served a total of 30 years at San Jose State University and the Louie Barozzi Scholarship is provided to assist one study abroad student and two international students per year, in honor of Louie’s memory. 


Amount of Scholarship

Three scholarship awards will be awarded in the amount of $1,000 each: one to a study abroad student, one to an international undergraduate student and one to an international graduate student. 

The stronger the student’s application is in regards to academic excellence, student life and community service, the stronger the chance of nomination.

Scholarship recipients will be expected to:

  • Write a biographical statement and letter of appreciation to the scholarship committee and Barozzi family.
  • Assist designated staff, students, and faculty with making SJSU a global campus and a global community.
  • Assist with the promotion of study abroad or SJSU degree programs and the recruitment of future applicants through classroom presentations, distributing publicity materials, Study Abroad Fairs, etc.

Application requirements and deadlines can be found on AcademicWorks. Applications will open on February 14, 2022.

International Student Application

Study Abroad Student Application 


The scholarship will be due April 3, 2022.


Questions? Please email the study abroad office at