Australia: Aussie Culture, Koalas, & International Trade





Program Description 

Australia is the unexpected: a place where the world’s oldest cultures share vast ochre plains, stylish laneways and unimaginably blue waters with successive waves of new arrivals from across the globe.  For this study abroad program, Australia will also be your classroom.

On this program you will learn about Australia’s ecosystems in multiple locations in multiple settings in multi-day workshops.  You’ll spend time in iconic capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, as well as remote locations such as Broken Hill and Boolcoomatta.  During this course in international economics, you will:

  • Understand Australia’s economic issues including key industries in Australia such as wine, fishing and agriculture amongst others.
  • You’ll be immersed in the ecosystems in key cites in Australia and understand the intersection of history, culture, creativity and business.
  • You will spend time on a remote former sheep station that is being rehabilitated back to its native state and you’ll learn about how that happens, why it happens and better understand the balance between farming and ecology.
  • You will spend time with Bush Heritage Australia, who buys and manages land for conservation and partners with Aboriginal groups and other landowners (such as farmers), to help them to do the same.
  • You’ll see how Bush Heritage is protecting at least 6,359 native species – including 243 threatened species – on their reserve and partnership properties across more than 10 million hectares.
  • You’ll get to know more about the wonderful birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, plants and freshwater fish that call Australia home.


ECON 136 International Economics (4 units)

International trade theory, customs union, tariffs, quota policies. International monetary system balance of payments problems, foreign exchange markets.

Prerequisite: ECON 1A and ECON 1B.



Program Leader: Ghislaine Lang

I was born and raised in Paris. After completing my undergraduate and graduate Economics degrees in Paris, I wanted to study abroad in order to obtain another graduate degree, improve my English, and discover another part of the world.

An avid traveler since age 4 (some of my earliest memories!), Australia was obviously a top contender! Not only would I have the opportunity to work on my English, I would finally get the opportunity to see a platypus, that decisively adorable creature only found in Australia. Instead, I was offered a fellowship to study in the United States that I just couldn't refuse. So I studied at George Mason University and put my Australian dreams on hold.

I joined SJSU as a lecturer in the Economics department and have been teaching undergraduate courses since 2009. I finally have the opportunity to do what I had dreamed of years ago when I still lived in Paris: visiting Australia. Except, this time, I get to explore everything I had always wanted to and share this experience with students. I so look forward to taking this trip with you so we can explore Australian culture, economy, and life together!





It is important to note that each program's total cost will vary depending on the location and the package it offers.  

$1000  SJSU Special Session Tuition ($250 per unit)
$200 Administrative Fee 
$TBD Program fees, lodging, class materials and class related tours approximately*
$TBD  Total Program Cost


* Airfare is not included.  


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