Canvas and MyPlanner


All zoom links, syllabi and everything else you need for your classes should be posted on Canvas. Make sure you have full access to everything before classes begin and have your textbooks in hand.

Communicate problems with your Professor

If you don't have access to the Canvas link prior to the beginning of class or you have other course-related questions, contact your professor. You can usually find your professor's email address by googling your professor's name + SJSU. This search should bring you to their faculty page.

Using Canvas

See the video below for more information about using Canvas.

Have you reviewed all of your syllabi?

If you haven't already, please read through the syllabus for each of your classes carefully! This is your official guide to tell you when everything for the entire class is due, what the professor expects, and exactly how they will grade the course.

Take note of all deadlines as well as midterm and final dates and add these important dates to your personal planner/calendar now so you don't fall behind!

Have you created a weekly calendar?

The most effective students create a weekly calendar (either online or in a planner they actively use) that includes:

  • Class time
  • Dedicated time outside of class to focus on homework/assignments for each course (3 hours for each hour of class)
  • Due dates for large assignments
  • Dates of midterm and final exams
  • Work or other obligations outside of school
  • Important deadlines like add/drop course deadlines and when to apply for financial aid
  • Breaks for your physical and mental health.


My Planner a powerful course scheduling tool you can use on your own to have better informed conversations with your advisor. Learn more about My Planner in the video below.