Make sure to stay informed on all payment and registration deadlines by referring to the registration calendar on the Registrar's website[BROKEN LINK].

You can also learn more about registration in the following video.


How do I know I'm in the correct classes? If I need to make changes to my schedule, which classes should I add/drop?

Ultimately these are tricky, complicated questions that advisors should help you with. (See the information below on how to schedule an advising appointment.) However, there are a couple of questions you can ask yourself:

Are you enrolled in or have you already completed the GE area A2 (written communication) requirement? 

Are you enrolled in, or have you already completed the GE area B4 (math/quantitative reasoning) requirement? Is this math class on track to allow you to enroll in the math course required by your major?

Completing your GE areas A2 and B4 courses your first year is key!

Make sure to see an advisor in your College Success Center who can help you build a roadmap, a plan of courses to take over the next two years!

You can also learn more about General Education requirements by watching the following video.