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Early Start Information Workshop 2024 [pdf]

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How To Access The PPA 
How To View Exam Credit And Transfer Credit Posted To Your Student Portal [pdf]
How To View My Enrollment Category [pdf]
International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams
SJSU Majors Requiring Calculus (STEM)
SJSU Articulation 
What Are My Math/QR Course Options For Majors Not Requiring Calculus (Non-STEM)? [pdf]
What Are My Math/QR Course Options For Majors Requiring Calculus (STEM)? [pdf]
What Are My Writing Course Options? [pdf]




Admitted Spartan Day 2024 Presentation [pdf]

RCW Intro Video 

RCW Video - This video is one of two videos that will help students explore writing course options. Students use this video to understand the difference between English 1A and Stretch English.
RCW Stretch English
Course Registration Workshop