Writing Course Options


Written Communication

All students must complete General Education (GE) Area A2 writing course. This is one of three writing intensive courses that you will take on the way to your degree . After completing the Reflection on College Writing (RCW), you will choose which GE Area A2 course is right for you.

Reflection on College Writing

Prior to Sparta Camp orientation, all entering freshmen are required to complete the Reflection on College Writing  (a self-assessment that will guide you to explore how your prior learning as a reader and writer can be transferred to SJSU), to help establish your course plan. Be sure to complete the RCW at least a week before your scheduled Sparta Camp orientation, so that you will be ready to enroll in your writing course on day 2. See the Table of Reflection Deadlines for more information.

Please refer to the How to Choose Your Writing Course Guide for information on choosing your writing course.

Writing Course Options

To meet the GE Area A2 writing course requirement, entering freshmen choose between two versions of the same course: English 1A (one semester) and English 1AF and 1AS (two semesters, which provide enhanced instruction). Any student may choose to take either course based on their work in the Reflection on College Writing . Registration for this course will take place on day 2 of Sparta Camp orientation. To identify your writing enrollment category, review this flowchart, What Are My Writing Course Options?  [pdf]

To view your enrollment category on your student portal, follow the guide below:

How To View Your Enrollment Category [pdf]

Note: Your enrollment category may change as we continue to receive final high school transcripts, test scores, (AP, IB, CLEP) and college transfer coursework. Please follow up to make sure your official documents are received before your orientation. 

General Education Area A2 Courses

For a list of all General Education Area A2 courses see the list below:

General Education/Area A2 Courses

Early Start

Some students will be required to participate in the CSU Early Start Program, which allows you to explore college reading, writing, learning strategies the summer before starting fall classes. For more details about Early Start, visit the program website.

If you have already satisfied the GE Area A2 writing course requirement, refer to MyPlanner for your next writing course.