How to Register?

Advance Registration 

  • Advance registration begins Wednesday, October 14, for SJSU matriculated students
  • Advance registration begins Wednesday, October 28, for Open University (OU)/Non-SJSU students 

Advanced registration stops Friday, December 18, for all students. If you wish to register for a class after this date, please follow instructions for Steps to Take After Advanced Registration Closes

Registration is generally available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Normal maintenance occurs Monday evenings 8:00 – 11:00 p.m.


Online Registration

Consult the “Class Schedule” for information (section #, 5 digit class code, day, time, location, faculty name and dates) of your intended courses for that term.

First time or previous-term undergrad/post-bachelor OU students can register online within a certain time frame (refer to calendar for dates) by following on MySJSU tutorial:


Paper Registration

Students disqualified from Fall 2020 and other students who are unable to register online complete the Winter Registration form and submit through Docusign to 

Graduate Students: For all 200-level courses, complete the Winter Registration form, submit through Docusign to the Graduate Admission and Program Evaluation (GAPE) at for approval.

Steps to Take After Advanced Registration Closes

First Day of Instruction

If you missed the Advance Web Registration period, you can register on the first day of class. Beginning January 4, new OU students need to submit Winter Registration Form to add classes . Beginning January 7, all students must use Late Enrollment Petition Form with instructor, department chair and CPGE Associate Dean signatures to register. Follow instructions below for the paper registration process. All transactions require a valid ID with picture.

  1. Download the Winter Registration form
  2. Complete the form, obtain the required signature(s) through Docusign.