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Undergraduate Graduation workshop, 4-6pm, BBC 032


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11/4/14 - 1/19/15

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Fall'14 - Last day of instruction


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Graduation Workshops for Undergraduate Students    

Our Office once again will be holding graduation workshops during this semester. These workshops will provide an overview of the graduation application process to our prospective graduating students.

Students, faculty and college advisors are welcome to attend! Download Graduation Workshops Flyer(PDF).

No RSVP is required, but there are some pre-requisites. Students must: 1) have earned at least 90 units, 2) be two semesters away from completing your degree requirements and 3) be in good academic standing

The dates, times and venues are listed below:

  • Thursday, October 23 : 4 PM - 6 PM , BBC 032

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