Schedule Build

Departments should reference the below resources by class session type to determine the timeline and necessary tasks to build class schedules. Communications are shared at the start of the scheduling of a session term and are updated on these pages throughout the scheduling cycle. The Academic Scheduling Users Group (ASUG) representatives from each college should serve as the primary resource for college specific procedures and training support. 

Access to Systems

Department schedulers will need to work with their College Scheduler Coordinators for training and access to MySJSU (PeopleSoft) tables. The Department Schedulers and leadership can access class data by running a process in MySJSU called the Department Schedule Extract. Review resources to get you started with Academic Scheduling.

Classroom Allocations

In addition to their own Academic Department and College-Managed Teaching Spaces, colleges receive an allocation of University Lecture Rooms (ULRs) [pdf] that they assign during the Regular Session class schedule build. Before the Special Session and Intersession class schedule publication, if lecture rooms need to be assigned to classes, the AS&SM staff will assign them before publication of the class schedules.

MySJSU Class Data

Regular Session schedule of classes is created by the roll of the active classes from the previous term data. During Round 1 and 1.5 department schedulers edit data based on department needs.

  • the previous Fall term data that will create the "rolled" Fall; and,
  • the previous Spring term dadata will create the "rolled" Spring. 

Special Session and Intersession is created by data entry by AS&SM staff during the class schedule production process after appropriate forms are submitted to AS&SM with department chair and college dean (or designee) approval.