Academic Scheduling OnBase Forms (Regular Session Only)

After Round 1.5, all requests to add, delete, and/or change regular session classes must be submitted via the Academic Scheduling OnBase forms. All Academic Scheduling OnBase Forms can be accessed through using the OnBase app. These forms are used only after Round 1.5 of the scheduling cycle.

  • Add Form: The Add Form is used by the department scheduler to add a class. To change the day, time or date, use an Add Form and a Cancel Form. To add a new class, all columns for the class must be completed (except Instructor Employee ID). 
  • Change Form: The Change Form is used by the department scheduler to request changes to an existing class. To make a change to an existing class, complete the first three columns (Class Subject, Catalog Nbr and Section #) and then update only the column/s that need to be changed.
  • Cancel Form: The Cancel Form is used by the department schedulers to cancel a class. To change the day, time or date, use an Add Form and a Cancel Form. To cancel a class, fill out the Class Subject, Catalog Nbr and Section #. 

During Round 2 of the scheduling cycle, departments will be able to make any changes to the existing class without canceling and re-adding the class by submitting OnBase Forms. In Round 2, departments can reuse section numbers, and Add forms should be used to make changes to the meeting patterns and instruction modes (instead of Change Forms). Please review the Fall 2024 Round 2 Process Memo before submitting forms from March 24-28, 2024. 

Department Scheduler Reminders

  1. Once forms are completed, the form will need to be approved by the Chair/Designee and Dean/Designee for processing.
      • Fall 2024 Changes: All OnBase forms will be updated to require four approval steps (Department Chair/School Director, College Schedule Reviewer, Dean/Associate Dean, and the Provost’s Office Designee). 
  2. Department Schedulers should check with their primary College Scheduling Coordinators, who is also a representative of ASUG, for any college specific requirements.
  3. All fields at the top of the form must be be filled out completely including the departmental information (College, Department, Term, etc.). The forms also include check boxes with sample information and instructions more information about each column. 
  4. A comment is required for each class/section row on each OnBase Class Scheduling form. Examples of comments to include (please try to brief, yet explain the reason for the form):
    1. Add Form: 'Add new section; Instructor Name: Sami Spartan; cancel sec 02 due to mode change from OnLine to P'
    2. Change Form: 'Increase cap to 60; need larger room'
    3. Cancel Form: 'Zero Enrollment'