Class Scheduling

Class Schedule Build

The production of each term class schedule (regular or special session, including SJSU Online and Winter/Summer Intersession) is a critical component of each academic department and colleges planning process. These pages are designed to provide critical information and resources for department schedulers and leadership to understand more about the processes to build their class schedules.

Published Class Schedules

Schedule Guidelines

Instruction Modes

Instruction Modes descriptions and how to assign them to classes.

Course Components

Scheduling classes with single vs. multiple components.

Class & Global Notes

Active Class Notes lists, including their numbers and descriptions. Global Notes and their purpose in the schedule of classes.

Enrollment Control

Coming soon! Managing course enrollment through enrollment capacities, consent, and requisites. 

Cross-Listed Courses

Cross-listed courses in the class schedule and re-distributed enrollment process.

Meeting Times/Days

Class meeting times are expected to adhere to the standard meeting patterns per University Policies.

Large Lecture Rooms

Large University Lecture Rooms (100+ student seats) and the scheduling process.

Section Numbering

Coming soon! Section number assignments follow specified practices. 


Coming soon! The timeline of the Scheule of Classes production by each cycle.