University Lecture Room User Responsibilities

  1. By signing the Academic Scheduling Single/Multiple Day Activities Request Form, the sponsoring department is assuming responsibility for any and all damages incurred during the use of the university facilities.

  2. Do not write with permanent markers on whiteboards.  Make sure markers are erasable.

  3. Affixing items to the walls are allowed using blue painter’s tape, which must be removed by the end of the reserved time.

  4. All furniture, instructional equipment, and all other items that are in the room(s) (i.e., tables, chairs, TV, VCR, Overhead Projector, Podium, etc.) must be returned to their original configuration and must not be moved/removed out of the room to ensure that the room(s) will be ready for the next group.  

  5. All parties using University Lecture Rooms are to adhere to capacity limits and all State Fire Marshal code and SJSU Presidential Directives (PD 2001-1 and PD 2011-1).

  6. The following items are prohibited from all University Lecture Rooms:

    • Standing on any furniture

    • Sitting on tables

    • Storing items outside of the room reservation time

    • Using air horns, glitter, glitter glue and/or confetti 

    • Using permanent markers on white boards (Make sure markers are erasable)

    • Food and drinks

    • Alcohol and drugs