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The ACCESS Success Center is here to help you, a student in the College of Social Sciences, prepare for your educational journey! Looking to talk to an advisor? Scroll below to the Academic Advising in ACCESS section to explore different advising resources. Schedule appointments, submit advising questions, find your department major advisor, and much more!

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Our Advising Services

Academic Advising

Meet with a General Education (GE) Advisor at the ACCESS Success Center, who can help you with all of your university requirements and policies.

Department Major Advising

Meet with your CoSS Department Advisor in your major/minor department, who can help you specifically with major/minor related questions involving your major.

Career Advising

Meet with a Career Advisor to assist you in setting a career plan.


About Us

The Academic Counseling Center for Excellence in the Social Sciences (ACCESS) provides General Education advising for undergraduate students majoring or intending to major in any of the departments in the College of Social Sciences (CoSS). Meet our team and learn about our services.

Academic Advising

Career Advising
Frosh Advising
Transfer Advising
Disqualification and Reinstatement
Department Major Advising

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Need help? We have resources for CoSS students.


Welcome New CoSS Spartans. Find out about SJSU orientation for frosh and transfer students.

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