Joel Morales

Joel Morales Director

Phone: 408.924.3653

Bio: Joel graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Intensive Psychology from University of California Santa Cruz and his Master of Science in Counseling from California State University Bakersfield. His previous roles include human resources and coordinator for job and internship placement for a community college. He is enthusiastic about helping students find their passions, develop their interests, and succeed in achieving their goals. Joel comes from Bakersfield, CA and is excited to apply his knowledge and skills in developing and enhancing programs at San Jose State University for student success.

Q and A

  1. What was your favorite class in undergrad?
    I had a few favorite courses in my undergrad, it’s hard to pick one! I loved almost all my psychology courses, the ones that stand out in particular are Abnormal Psychology, Sociocultural Development, and Children in Extreme Circumstances. These all opened my eyes to the lives of others beyond my own experiences. They gave me insight and an appreciation for how others grow and develop, as well as some insight on myself!

  2. What are some of the places you have traveled to?
    One of my favorite places to visit has been New York City. It was an amazing experience to get lost in the city, figure out the public transportation, and try so many unique places to eat! I’m huge on trying different food.

  3. What is your piece of advice for incoming students?
    One piece of advice for incoming students is to make sure you are remembering to eat and grab some sleep! Let’s chat about food.