Loralei Zimbauer

Profile Photo LoraleiSenior Student Academic Success Specialist
Frosh & Sophomore Advising Co-Lead

Phone: 408.924.5363

Bio: Loralei started her role in the College of Social Science Student Success Center in August of 2023. Before working in this office, Loralei previously worked in the Humanities and the Arts Student Success Center at SJSU. Loralei earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire as a first-generation college student, where she did her undergraduate degree in Organizational Communication and Religious Studies double major, and upon graduation she began her work in the admissions and recruitment office at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, where she recruited students, first as a front-desk manager and then later as an admissions counselor. She has a masters degree in Servant Leadership from Viterbo University, and once she graduated from her masters she moved to San Jose, CA from Wisconsin in 2022. 

Q and A

1. Why did you go into a career in higher education?

I believe that my purpose is to be who I needed when I started college. As a first-generation college student, I understand how starting college can be a bit intimidating, but I want to make sure that the students that cross my path are comforted in knowing that they do belong here and that they will be successful. One of my top goals is to be an active listener when talking with students, and fully understand them, making sure that when they walk away, they feel ready for what is ahead of them. 

2. What do you like to do in your free time?

 In my free time I enjoy exploring the area/traveling (I have been out of the country to Cancun, Mexico, Guatemala, and Senegal, Africa,) hiking, cooking/baking, reading a good book, creating content for the blog I am a part of and doing anything and everything outside. Since I am from Wisconsin I AM a Packers fan, so you can catch me watching Packer games in the Fall. 

3. What is your piece of advice for incoming students?

Do not be afraid to ask for help! Everyone here wants to see you succeed, and there are great resources everywhere to help you do just that. If you ever need help finding a resource on campus- let’s chat!