Alberto Gomez III

Alberto GomezSenior Student Academic Success Specialist
Frosh & Sophomore Advising Co-Lead

Phone: 408.924.5363

Bio: Alberto graduated with his bachelor's degree in History with a pre-credential option and his Master’s degree in Career and Life Planning from California State University, Chico. His previous higher education role has been as a summer orientation leader, academic advising intern, and graduate outreach coordinator at CSU, Chico. Alberto is passionate about helping students navigate their collegiate endeavors by using holistic advising to ensure students meet academic and vocational goals. 

Q and A

1. What was your favorite class during undergrad?

As a history major, I enjoyed all of my history classes. I can’t narrow it down to one, but I have a few. Medieval history, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome are in no particular order. Medieval history because it is one of my favorite time settings in history. Ancient Greece and Rome, because these two civilizations have contributed so much to humanity, many of their contributions can still be seen today.

2. What are some of the places you have traveled to?

I have had the privilege to travel to Mexico, Hawaii, Spain, and France! Spain has by far been my favorite place. I was able to go to Barcelona and Pamplona for the festival of Saint Fermin, also known as the running of the bulls! 

3. What was a challenging moment in college? 

For me, it was navigating college. I was a first-generation college student, and I had no one to help me during my transition to college. It was a trial and error process for me during my first year until I was able to connect with campus resources. That being said, I highly recommend all students to seek resources and always ask questions!