Academic Probation

Undergraduate students are placed on academic probation if, at any time, their SJSU cumulative GPA falls below 2.0. The ACCESS Success Center’s mission is to provide support and guidance to students on probation to help them return to good academic standing.

Students on academic probation will be placed in one of these three categories by the end of the semester:

1. Good Academic Standing

The student’s semester GPA is above 2.0, which is high enough to bring the SJSU cumulative GPA to 2.0.

2. Continued Probation

The student’s semester GPA is at 2.0 or above, but it is not high enough to bring the SJSU cumulative GPA to 2.0. The student will be notified that an appointment with an ACCESS advisor is required at least one time during the Fall 2020 semester

3. Disqualification

The student’s semester GPA is below 2.0 (which will also bring the cumulative GPA down). An ACCESS advisor will reach out to all disqualified students to discuss options and next steps to become reinstated.

Learn about Disqualification and Reinstatement Advising


Peer Mentors

At the ACCESS Success Center, Peer Mentors work one on one with students who are on Academic Probation.

First Time Probation

If this is your first time on University Academic Probation you are required to participate in our Spartans Back on Track Academic Probation Program.

Continued Probation

Learn what you need to do if you are on Continued University Academic Probation. Get answers to frequently asked questions.

Students on Academic Probation within the College of Social Sciences will have a hold placed on their account that will prevent them from making changes to their schedules. In order to remove the hold First Time Probation students and Continued Probation students must complete a set of specific requirements.