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The Foundation for A Successful Career

The Department of Accounting and Finance is dedicated to providing students with essential skills needed to manage and develop the frameworks for measurement, analysis, interpretation, and communication of business and economic data. You can learn more about our outstanding department and the resources it offers below.

About Us

Learn more about our department, the concentrations we offer, and the resources we provide to help ensure student success. 


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We offer a variety of unique programs and concentrations for our students to pursue. Take an in-depth look into each and how they can prepare you for a variety of in-demand and exciting careers. 

Student Resources

The Department of Accounting and Finance offers students a plethora of financial, academic, and professional resources.

News and Events

Take a look at the latest news out of our department, and view all our upcoming webinars, tax conferences, and programs. 

Centers of Excellence

The Department of Accounting and Finance teams with business professionals to expand student opportunities.  The Accounting Advancement Center, the Center for Banking and Financial Services, and the High Technology Tax Institute combine with faculty to deliver cutting-edge informational seminars, introduce students to industries, and network with professionals in accounting, finance, and taxation.