To enroll in BUS1 121A in Fall 2024, students must complete an online learning system called ALEKS. ALEKS will be provided at no cost if your current concentration is Accounting (ACCT), AIS, or Corporate Accounting and Finance (CAF) and if you are taking ALEKS for the first time. All other students wanting to take ALEKS and enroll in BUS1 121A will need to pay the $30 fee upon registration for ALEKS. If you are repeating BUS1 121A, you will also need to repeat ALEKS and pay for it.

What is ALEKS?

It is an online, self-paced learning system reviewing 55 topics from financial accounting essential for your success in BUS1 121A. It takes between 15 and 30 hours for most students to master, and can be completed in multiple sessions.

How do I sign up for ALEKS?

First, please complete the following survey using the link below:

Beginning May 29, ACCT, AIS, and CAF students who have completed the survey will receive an email with a code for ALEKS. They can begin working on ALEKS at this website Non-accounting students also should complete the survey, but will not be able to begin ALEKS until July 10. 

How do I sign up for BUS1 121A?

How do I sign up for BUS 121A? Adding BUS1 121A will be on a first come, first served basis. If you need a particular section of the course, please complete ALEKS as soon as possible. As long as there are seats in the class, BUS1 121A add codes will be emailed to those who:
1) Finish ALEKS at a 100% level and
2) Email notice of their completion to
3) You will be asked to indicate your preferred section out of the remaining open sections.The meeting days and times are: Section 1 TTh 7:30-8:45am; Section 2 MW 9-10:15am; Section 3 MW 10:30-11:45am; Section 4 MW 12-1:15pm; Section 5 MW 1:30-2:45pm

SJSU advance registration ends on August 18. You must complete ALEKS by August 12 and reply with your preferred open section immediately or will need to wait for instructor adds when the semester begins on August 21. This flier is posted on