Student Resources

The Tools for Success

The Department of Finance and Accounting provides a variety of financial, academic, and professional resources to encourage and foster student success.

Scholarship Opportunities

If you are in need of financial assistance, please review our scholarship opportunities and learn how you can apply. 

Student Associations

Get to know your peers and make important career connections by joining one of our student associations. 

The California Franchise Tax Board

File taxes, make payments, check your refund status, get important updates, and more by visiting the California Franchise Tax Board. 

Internal Revenue Services

The IRS website also allows you to file taxes, check your refund status, and see if you qualify for certain types of financial relief.

State of California Board of Equalization

Learn more about tax programs, legislative statistics, how to apply for financial relief, and the latest propositions. 

Amerian Academy of Financial Management

Gain access to key information on how to apply for and obtain accredited financial certifications.

CBA Tip Sheet

Learn more about the educational requirements for CPA Licensure, including which types of units are needed to qualify. 

SJSU CPA Worksheet

If you're working towards your CPA, our CPA Worksheet will help you stay organized and on track to complete your designation.