About Us

Providing an Exceptional Education

The Department of Accounting and Finance is highly competitive for a reason. We offer students extensive career prospects, a variety of concentrations, and a myriad of networking opportunities to ensure they go on to pursue successful careers.

Cutting-Edge Concentrations

We offer four unique concentrations for students to choose from: Accounting, Corporate Accounting and Finance, Accounting Information Systems, and Finance. Each concentration prepares students for a variety of exciting and in-demand careers.

Resources for Success

Our department offers students a variety of resources, including The Accounting Advancement Center, The Center for Banking and Financial Services, and The High Technology Tax Institute. Each of these resources provides students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, learn about industries, and connect with professionals in the accounting, tax accounting, and financial services sectors.

Accounting Advisory Council (AAC)

The AAC helps to connect accounting students and faculty to accounting firms in the Bay area. You can learn more about the AAC and its members on our dedicated page. 

Faculty and Staff Contacts 

Have a question or need more information regarding our programs and concentrations? Please feel free to reach out to our expert faculty and staff.