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Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi Mission: To increase awareness of accounting, finance, and information system careers; to place an emphasis on the needs of our members and to develop within our members the personal and professional skills needed to enter the workforce and excel in their chosen careers.


Ben Anderson
Joel Busch

Financial Management Association

Financial Management AssociationEstablished in 1969, the SJSU FMA has been nationally recognized for itsmembership, activities, corporate sponsorship and outstanding web site. More recently, in 1988, FMA was inducted into the National Financial Management Association. During the 98-99 school year, membership grew to over one hundred members. FMA makes finance fun, real, and exciting by linking student members' technical classroom skills with guest speakers' business-world experiences, thus encouraging student interaction. The club draws mainly from finance students, but officers and members alike are also drawn from such diverse backgrounds as management, economics, and accounting. Using both formal and informal activities (e.g., professional guest speakers and sporting events) furthers the opportunity for members to enhance managerial, interpersonal, and social skills. 


Jang Cho
Artem Meshcheryakov

Institute of Management Accountants

Institute of Management AccountantsInstitute of Management Accountants Members are today’s leaders,managers, and decision makers in management accounting and financial management. As Members, we are dedicated to continued professional development, to achieving the highest levels of professional certification, and to supporting each other in our commitment to professional excellence.


ISACA logoWith more than 23,000 members in over 100 countries, the Information Systems Audit and Control Association® (ISACA™) is a recognized global leader in IT governance, control and assurance. Founded in 1969, ISACA sponsors international conferences, administers the globally respected CISA® (Certified Information Systems Auditor™) designation earned by more than 26,000 professionals worldwide, and develops globally applicable information systems (IS) auditing and control standards.


Esperanza Huerta

The Banking and Investment Association 

The Banking and Investment AssociationThe Banking and Investment Association is an undergraduate organization at San José State University, working closely with the faculty and its office members to enhance the undergraduate experience and meet the needs of the student body. The organization was created on Spring ‘09 as the Banking and Financial Services Club. After merging with Spartan Investors, a new club was made. Our main goal is to promote activities that benefit the financial community, students, and faculty. In doing so we are able to develop strong leaders in finance.