Culminating Projects

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What kind of culminating projects do students work on? 

Each semester multidisciplinary teams of UNVS 101 students use the knowledge and skills they gain during the course to address a challenge for their culminating consulting project.  Employer partners from a variety of sectors such as healthcare, finance, hightech and the nonprofit sector have posed challenges that they themselves are trying to solve. Students present their findings and pitch their proposals to representatives of the partner organization.

  • LinkedIn: How might LinkedIn help companies hire people that represent all walks of life, who bring different experiences, perspectives, and points of view to the company?
  • CreditKarma: How might CreditKarma help its subprime users gain access to financial services such as credit cards and loans?
  • Sutter Health: How might we help young people feel less alone and ask for help?
  • Yahoo: How might we grow users and usage of Yahoo Mail?
  • Audible: How might we increase the number of 18-24 year old Audible users?
  • Salesforce: How might we scale the Trailhead for Students program and reach a more diverse student population?
  • Enterprise: How might we increase retention of first year employees?
  • RAFT: How might RAFT deliver high-quality, hands on activities that do not require a computer for K-8 students to complete while at home during viral quarantine?
  • Cisco: Given the significant impact on women and people of color due to the pandemic, how might Cisco retain its top diverse talent as we prepare for the future work environment?