Why take the UNVS 101 Braven Course?

UNVS students develop skills expected in the 21st century workplace.

The modules, coaching, and projects focuses on five key areas of development: working in teams, self-driven leading, problem solving, networking and communicating, and operating and managing. View the 21st Century Workplace Skills to learn more about these five key areas.

The UNVS 101 Braven Fellowship experience is proven to advance students’ academic persistence, personal and professional goals

  • 87% Content Mastery in 21st Century Skills
  • 84% of UNVS 101 Braven course completers are employed, 83% of whom are in roles aligned with their long-term career interests
  • For Spring 2020, 58% of the 251 UNV 101 Braven graduates landed a strong first job or attended graduate  school compared to 41% of recent graduates nationally.
  • 65% of UNVS 101 alumni secure at least one internship
  • 95% of UNVS 101 alumni persist towards graduation

UNVS 101 students partner with companies in a wide range of career pathways

Career pathways include Engineering and Technology; Business, Finance & Logistics, Education and Public & Human Services; Math & Science; Health, Fitness & Nutrition; Arts, Communication, and Entertainment. View our Employer Partners page for a comprehensive list.