Employer Testimonials

What employers say about the program:

Kyle Mallick
Maxim Health Care

Our Braven Fellow, Matt, has brought in natural leadership that plays a positive impact on the rest of our team. He effortlessly contributes ideas, and shares the same drive to meet our mission and purpose here at Maxim. Although he is in our Recruiter Trainee program, he takes challenges head on with no hesitation any chance he gets and loves to learn every aspect of the role of being a recruiter.

Matt’s time with Braven at San Jose State University has proven to be very beneficial. The amount of professionalism, organization, and communication skills were just what we needed. He shows up ready to conquer our daily recruitment goals, assists in building up cultural team values, brings in a strong desire to succeed, and mentors new oncoming Maxim Recruiters. Braven has done a wonderful job of preparing him for the workforce and we benefit greatly because of it.  We are very happy to have him on our team!”