Student Testimonials

The Next Generation of Leaders: Crystal’s Braven Story from Braven on Vimeo.

An in-depth look at the journey of Braven Fellow, Crystal Cardenas, as she navigates the path from college to a strong first job alongside her Braven Leadership Coach and peers.

photo of suzette sandoval

Suzette Sandoval
UNVS 101 Braven class of 2017
Talent Development Operations Specialist at Adobe





[UNVS 101] was more than a course. It was an experience that allowed me to see my potential and pushed me to seek the career opportunities I had always dreamt of. It was through Braven that I secured an internship and a full time job at Adobe before graduating college. I’ll forever be thankful for the mentors and friends that I’ve created throughout the Braven  journey who have empowered me to become the person I am today.

photo of Josiah Jaramillo

Josiah Jaramillo
UNVS 101 Braven class of Fall 2019
Biology major, transfer student






My Leadership Coach was so compassionate, wanted us to succeed, and cared about us as individuals. She has made an impact on my confidence in the professional world and has prepared me for what life can be in the future.

photo of Cynthia Fernandez-Rios

Cynthia Fernandez-Rios
UNVS 101 Braven class of Spring 2020
Major in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance 






What was most surprising about [UNVS 101] was how much fun I had! Everything I was learning was beneficial to me, both personally and professionally. Plus, my cohort’s connection was so strong even though we were all so different. I’ve never experienced that in another course.