Returning Students

A student in any Bachelor’s degree program is expected to complete their degree within 10 years. The department chair may waive this 10-year expiration limit, though only under extenuating circumstances.

The CE department requires all returning BS students to repeat the CE Core courses should their matriculation fall outside the previous 10 academic years. For example, if you are returning in AY 2020-2021, your last semester of matriculation must have been since AY 2010-2011.

The following courses are included in the CE Core:

These core courses must be completed for a satisfactory grade, as defined by the catalog to which the student is using for their degree.

In some cases, students may be permitted to challenge a course by taking an appropriate final exam that covers the necessary topics and pass with a suitable grade.

Other degree courses may be recommended for repeat should they be determined to be necessary for success in the required courses.