Fall 2021 Class Schedule

There are three different types of modes of instruction: Fully Online, Hybrid, and In-Person (definitions linked). Some instruction modes and classes times may change before registration opensThe first day of advanced registration for continuing students is Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

Fall 2021 will be a transition semester. The class schedule was adjusted to allow for more time between classes for air to recirculate. The strategy to create a longer break between classes is based on the knowledge that the air in the SJSU classrooms recirculates approximately every 10 minutes. A 30 minute break creates three cycles of air refresh before the next class enters the room. The combination of increased fresh air flow into classrooms and an increased amount of air exchange between classes will help reduce the risk of spread when participating in on-campus classroom activities.

Learn more about the SJSU Adapt Plan, which features a four-phase approach for the continuation of campus operations. These phases align with Santa Clara County Public Health Department and state public health guidelines, and have received approval from the California State University Office of the Chancellor. Information in the plan is subject to change.

Using the Search

Use the Search bar to filter by section and/or mode of instruction (e.g. typing "Fully Online MATH" will provide a list of all MATH courses taught fully online.) When the schedule indicates TBA (to be announced) or TBD (to be determined) in the days, times, or notes columns, it means that the class is scheduled with asynchronous instruction (no designated day/time meetings). Real-time class listings, including textbook and course information, are found at one.sjsu.edu by searching for 'Class Search' in the Search Box.

Subject/Global Notes

Subject notes are notes for specific class subject codes or global notes are not listed on this page. These notes identify general reminders for courses. See subject notes for the following subjects: CCS, CHAD, CHIN, CMPE, ENVS, FLED, FORL, FREN, GEOG, GERM, HEBR, INFO, ITAL, JPN, MICR, PHYS, PORT, RTVF, RUSS, SPAN, TA, TAG, TECH, URBP, and VIET.

Class Schedule Listing


Section Class Number Mode of Instruction Course Title Satisfies Units Type Days Times Instructor Location Dates Open Seats Notes