Spring 2022 Subject Notes

Spring 2022 Subject notes are notes for specific course subject codes or global notes. These notes identify general reminders for courses.


  • ADV Advertising
    Add (or permission) codes for ADV 129 Section 1, Advertising Campaigns Planning and Management, will be given the first day of Instruction.

  • AVIA Aviation
    Classes scheduled in rooms that begin with "RHV" are held at the SJSU Aviation facility, 2105B Swift Avenue, San Jose (at Reid-Hillview Regional Airport).

  • CCS Chicana and Chicano Studies
    CCS 10B sections 3 through 11 are team taught sections; you will be graded and evaluated by both professors. CCS 125 serves as the capstone course for the CCS major. This course is best suited to graduating CCS Majors and/or students who are within their final two semesters of undergraduate coursework and have completed or are currently enrolled in the other required core courses for the CCS major (CCS 1, 2, 135, 150, 151, 152).

    CCS 180 Section 2, is an independent studies class that offers advanced tecnica & repertoire in Mexican Folklorico Dance with an emphasis on the pedagogy of folklorico.

    Students enrolling in CCS/KIN 7 and/or CCS 180 sec 2 will be expected to purchase dance shoes and a practice skirt for faldeo (skirt work); both will be needed by the third week of instruction.

  • CHAD Child and Adolescent Development
    Please note that the following CHAD courses require fieldwork that takes place outside of the scheduled meeting times: CHAD 60; CHAD 151; CHAD 152; CHAD 157; CHAD 158; CHAD 159; CHAD 160.

    Due to the COVID pandemic, some fieldwork may take place virtually/online. Note that some partner organizations require students to complete a background check and provide verification of negative TB test (specific requirements vary by course and location). Please visit sjsu.edu/chad for more information and check with your academic advisor if you have any concerns.

    CHAD practica (CHAD 158; CHAD 159; CHAD 160) and the Senior Seminar (CHAD 195) are open to graduating seniors only.

  • CHIN Chinese
    CHIN 1A, CHIN 1B, CHIN 25A & 25B (up to two courses) may be used for GE credit (Area C2). According to the department policy, native speakers are not allowed to take CHIN 1A and CHIN 1B. For more information, chunhui.peng@sjsu.edu.

  • CMPE Computer Engineering
    With the exception of CMPE 295A and CMPE 294, class sections that are listed as Department Consent are due to one of the two reasons: (1) the Department Consent is finalizing instructor assignment for the classes; (2) the class (or the lab) section may be offered, pending on demand. Please register on the lab sections that are not on department consent.

    Undergraduate: For both CMPE 195A section 1 and CMPE 195B section 1- Students should register for this section if they meet one of the following conditions: Following the catalog prior to Fall 2014 or following a more recent catalog that is Fall 2014 or later, but would like to make a 3 unit area S and a 3 unit area V course to fulfill your GE area S and V requirements. For Both CMPE 195A sec 2 and CMPE 195B sec 2 - You should register for this section, if you are following a recent catalog that is Fall 2014 or later and you will take the following course combination. CMPE 195A/CMPE195B, ENGR 195A/ENGR 195B, to fulfill your GE area S and V requirements.

  • EDSE Special Education
    Meeting patterns (days/dates/times) for non-online or hybrid courses that are listed as "TBA" can be found on the Department of Special Education webpage.

  • ENVS Environmental Studies
    Online courses: ENVS 152 is offered online with no designated day/time meeting pattern. It has one optional on-campus meeting towards the end of the semester to discuss the final exam.

    Supervision courses: For ENVS 181, 193, 194 and 210: multiple sections meet at the same class time. Section numbers reflect differing number of units. Check the unit value carefully of the section for which you are registering. To earn credit for the Center for the Development of Recycling, please enroll in 1- 6 units of ENVS 193. Students create individual service-learning (work) schedules with the approval of the CDR Director, in additional to four class meeting during the semester. ENVS 193 and 194 do not meet the entire semester. Contact the instructor for meeting dates.

    4-unit field, activity, and service learning classes:
    • ENVS 117, 154, and 190 require field trips that may include weekends.
    • ENVS 144 requires some weekend travel to wetlands around the state.
    • ENVS 166 requires six Sunday field trips.
    • ENVS 185 requires two additional hours per week outside of class time for students to attend government meetings and satisfy service learning requirement.
    • ENVS 187 requires six Saturday field trips.
    • ENVS 191 requires independent field work throughout the semester.

  • FLED Foreign Language Education
    Must provide eligibility for FLED 285 and FLED 184Y/A through Teacher Education Office (SH 305) and meet all prerequisites. For more information, Anne Jensen (408) 924-4628, anne.jensen@sjsu.edu. FLED 285 is the seminar to support teacher candidates preparing for the CalTPA Cycle 2. FLED 184Y/Z is Phase 2 student teaching or internship and supervision.

  • FORL Foreign Language
    FORL100W  satisfies SJSU Studies Area Z written communication requirement. Prerequisites: Grade of C- or better in ENGL 001B or equivalent, passing score on the Writing Skills Test (WST) or successful completion of LLD/ENGL 100A, completion of Core GE requirements, upper division standing (at least 60 units).

  • FREN French
    FREN 1A and FREN 1B may be used for Core GE (C2) credit. FREN 1A, Section 1 is a first-year, first semester elementary French course taught in the classroom.

    FREN 1A, Sections 80 and 99 are a first-year, first semester elementary French course offered fully online. For more information, Jean-Luc.Desalvo@sjsu.edu.

    FREN 1B, Section 1 is a first-year, second-semester elementary French course taught in the classroom. FREN 1B, Sections 80 and 99 are a first-year, second-semester elementary French course offered online. Assignments and tests are completed online with weekly one-hour online class. FREN 1B may also be taken fully online without scheduled online class meetings. For more information, Jean-Jean-Luc.Desalvo@sjsu.edu.  A time conflict memo can be issued to students desiring to take any French online course but who have a time conflict with another class.

    FREN 25B grammar review and writing is offered fully online and may be used for Core GE  (C2) credit. Students needing to take FREN 25C should contact Jean-Luc.Desalvo@sjsu.edu.

    FREN 101A & FREN 101C students needing either one of these courses should contact Jean-Luc.Desalvo@sjsu.edu.

    FREN 101B advanced grammar and composition is offered fully online. For more information, Jean-Luc.Desalvo@sjsu.edu.

    FREN 102B is a fully online SJSU Studies, Area V class in English with an online orientation meeting: For more information contact Jean-Luc.Desalvo@sjsu.edu.

    FREN 132 Business and Professional Communication: develop intercultural competence and aural/oral and written communication in the workplace is a fully online course. For more information, contact Jean-Luc.Desalvo@sjsu.edu.

    FREN 160 Literary and cultural comprehension through literature and film is a fully online course. For more info, Jean-Luc.Desalvo@sjsu.edu.

  • GERM German
    GERM 1A & 1B and GERM 25A & 25B may be used for GE credit (Area C2). Please note that GERM 1B is the second semester of elementary German. For more information, larissa.chiriaeva@sjsu.edu.

  • GRK Greek
    For advising, michele.santamaria@sjsu.edu.

  • HEBR Hebrew
    For information, call (408) 924-4602.

  • INFO School of Information
    For specific details on classes including mandatory Zoom sessions (if any) and one or two unit class dates please go to the School of Information website. Select the semester and regular session.

  • ITAL Italian
    ITAL 1A and ITAL 1B are the beginning level courses for students who wish to learn Italian. Course objectives are to introduce the students to the fundamentals of Italian grammar so that after one year of study the student will be able to translate and engage in texts excerpted from Italian songs or opera, rather than literature or newspaper, with only a grammar and dictionary as aids. Contact michele.santamaria@sjsu.edu with questions.

  • JOUR Journalism
    JOUR 61 section 4, Writing for Print, Elect, Online Media, will be taught in Spanish. Prerequisite SPAN 1A, SPAN 2, or Instructor Consent.

  • JPN Japanese
    JPN 1A, JPN 1B, JPN 25A, and JPN 25B (two courses only) may be used for GE credit (Area C2) and JPN102B for SJSU studies (Area V). For details call Dr. Kodama (Yanai) at 408-924-4063, yasue.yanai@sjsu.edu or Dr. Michiko Uryu at 408-924-4613 or michiko.uryu@sjsu.edu.

  • LATN Latin
    For advising, michele.santamaria@sjsu.edu.

  • MCOM Mass Communication
    MCOM 139 section 1, Specialized Writing, will be focusing on special topic; Media on Media.

  • PORT Portuguese
    PORT 1A and PORT 1B can be used to satisfy Area C2 lower division GE requirements. Students interested in the individualized program of study for PORT 1X/Y and PORT 20X/Y must contact the instructor on the first week of classes, duarte.pinheiro@sjsu.edu. Entry into intermediate studies 20A/X requires the equivalent of 001B/Y or permission of the instructor. PORT 102B is an online course taught in English.

  • RTVF Radio-Television-Film
    Some RTVF classes will be strictly in-person and others will be online subject to change with notice depending on Covid variants, etc. If a course has been granted permission to meet in person, the class will adhere to required social distancing and safety protocols. If you have any questions or concerns about our course offerings/productions, please email filmandtheatre@sjsu.edu.

    RTVF 21 is on-air training to be DJ on radio station KSJS (email joseph.biagini@sjsu.edu for permission to enroll). To be on air and enrolled in RTVF 21, you must simultaneously enroll in RTVF 121.

    RTVF 122 is for KSJS managers only and Department Consent is required; to enroll in RTVF 122, please email Dr. Kimb Massey at kimb.massey@sjsu.edu for more information on RTVF 121 or 122.

    The topic for RTVF 185 is "Cops on TV (cultural and social significance of police portrayals on TV and film);" for more information contact Capri.Burrows@sjsu.edu.

    We are offering both RTVF 135 and RTVF 136 production courses this semester; please contact Sam.Gollestani@sjsu.edu

    For inquiries about RTVF 198 (Internships), contact Kim.Clark@sjsu.edu

    Permission codes for all other courses are issued by the F&T Department Office. Please contact Nikole Abrego at nikole.abrego@sjsu.edu to inquire about receiving a permission code, and please make sure to provide your student ID in your email.
  • RUSS Russian
    RUSS 1A and RUSS 1B are Elementary Level courses for students who want to learn Russian and to fulfill GE requirements in Area C2. The classes offer the basics of the Russian pronunciation patterns, grammar and sentence structure. Students will be able to conduct daily conversations, read simple texts and write short paragraphs on topics studied. For advising, larissa.chiriaeva@sjsu.edu.

  • SOCI Sociology
    SOCI 100W is required for Sociology majors and is a pre- or corequisite for SOCI 101.

    SOCI 104 has prerequisites of SOCI 1, SOCI 15, (or SOCI 102), and SOCI 100W.

    SOCI 105 has prerequisites of SOCI 1 and SOCI 100W.

    SOCI 104B has prerequisites of SOCI 1, SOCI 100W, SOCI 101 and SOCI 15 (or SOCI 102), and SOCI 104.

    SOCI 105B has prerequisites of SOCI 1, SOCI 100W, SOCI 101, and SOCI 5.  

    SOCI 181B has prerequisites of SOCI 1, SOCI 100W, SOCI 101, and SOCI 104 or SOCI 105.  SOCI 015 (or SOCI 102) is required for Sociology majors.

  • SPAN Spanish
    Graduate: SPAN 260, for more information contact avizia.long@sjsu.edu. Span 270, for more information contact vanessa.fernandez@sjsu.edu. SPAN 298: Individualized study with prior instructor agreement, for more information contact vanessa.fernandez@sjsu.edu.

    Undergraduate: SPAN 1A and SPAN 1B are not open to native speakers. SPAN 1A, SPAN 1B, SPAN 20A, SPAN 20B, SPAN 25A, and SPAN 25B (up to two of these courses) can be used to satisfy Area C2 lower division GE requirements (Students should take a self-placement quiz to determine proper placement in 1st and 2nd year Spanish Classes. Email world-languages@sjsu.edu for a test link).

    SPAN 4 and SPAN 4B are fully online self-paced study Basic Spanish language courses. For information, world-languages@sjsu.edu.

    SPAN 102B sections 1 & 2 are taught in Spanish; Section 3 is in English. All sections of SPAN 102B can be used for SJSU Studies Area V GE credit. Students may also take FREN 102B (which also counts for a Latin American Studies minor) or CHIN 140 to receive SJSU Studies Area V GE credit.

    Registration for FORL 100W, SPAN 102B, FREN 102B, and CHIN 140 requires a passing score on the WST or successful completion of ENGL 100A or LLD 100A.

    SPAN 132 section 10 taught online are only open to students in the Graduate Program in Library Science. They require consent from the School of Information (formerly SLIS) for registration and are not open to WLL students.

  • TA Theatre Arts
    Enrollment in TA 117 - Sec 01 is for a play by Moliere that will be directed by Jeffrey Lo and performed in the Hammer Theatre. Enrollment in TA 117 - Sec 02 is for the production of Antigone by Madhuri Shekar (director TBA) and will be performed in the Hal Todd Theatre. Students can enroll in TA 117 by AUDITION ONLY and both sections will have fully on-campus classes and rehearsals with performances in front of live audiences. Auditions will be held February 2-5, 2022—all majors are welcome and encouraged to audition.

    The topic for TA 121 (Topics in Performance History) is "The American Musical."

    TA 103 (Musical Theatre) is a technique class and will culminate in a showcase performance.

    All TA 191 sections are 3-unit courses for F&T production crew members, are repeatable for credit as core requirements and electives, offer flexible hours and work areas, require approximately 80 hours of production work, and welcome enrollment from all majors. NOTE: For TA Majors taking TA 191, they must take TA 51A, TA 51B, and TA 51C as prerequisites or concurrent courses.

  • TAG Tagalog
    TAG 1A and TAG 1B may be used for GE credit (Area C2). For advising, contact edith.borbon@sjsu.edu.

  • VIET Vietnamese
    VIET 1A and VIET 1B may be used for GE credit (Area C2). Viet 1A to be offered in the Fall and VIET 1B to be offered in the Spring respectively. VIET 1B requires the equivalent of VIET 1A or instructor's consent. For Advising contact huyen.le@sjsu.edu.