Register for Classes

To Do's Before You Register

Before registering for classes, students should:

  1. Review their MyPlanner and their program's degree requirements in the Academic Catalog.
  2. Schedule an advising session with your major advisor and college academic advising center.

Students are encouraged to use MyScheduler, which will generate every possible schedule for you so you can maximize your course selections and remain on track for a timely graduation.

Review the Registrations Basics

Office of the Registrar information about enrollment appointments, advance vs. late registration, common registration issues, and much more.  

When you are ready to register for courses, log onto MySJSU to add or drop classes. See tutorial on how to enroll [pdf]Contact the Office of Registrar if you need assistance. 

The registration process for Summer Session and Winter Session is different depending on what type of student you are.

How to Register Tutorial

Visit and search for MySJSU. Once you log into your MySJSU, you will be directed to your Student Center and a link to "Search for Classes" is available on the right hand side of the page. This will allow you to search the class schedule and register for a course. Click on "Additional Search Criteria" to search for course attributes including General Education, Course Materials (for courses with No-Cost Course Materials), and Service Learning

Summer and Winter Session

If you are registering for summer or winter classes, learn more about Summer Session and Winter Session advanced registration dates and the registration process.

Find Classes at CalStateOnline

Find and register for transferable, online courses at other Cal State Universities and California Community Colleges that count for credit at your campus. It's easy to search and filter over 70,000 online course offerings from both the CSU and California Community Colleges to find the right class for you - one that fits your schedule and helps you graduate faster. 

Courses completed via the CSU Fully Online Courses program are treated as units completed in residence and, if equivalent to an SJSU course, may be eligible for grade forgiveness (see the Undergraduate Education petition for Retroactive Grade Forgiveness). 

After Registration

Monitoring Your Progress

Students should regularly run their Academic Requirements Report on MySJSU to monitor their completion of all degree requirements, including General Education. The report is updated with the latest enrollment changes, including grades, transfer credit evaluations, and advisor approved adjustments every time it is generated. Review your MyProgress report.